New England Born Motivational Speaker and Tycoon to run in 2013 Elections for the seat of New England

Motivational Speaker and self-made millionaire business tycoon Jamie McIntyre who has been reported in the media to be bringing Arnold Schwarzenegger to Australia in June is now considering to run for the September 2013 election in the seat of “New England” in Northern NSW where he grew up and still holds significant rural holdings.

He is likely to run under a planned new 21st Century Australia Political party which is looking to overhaul what he claims to be an out-dated 19th Century Political System that needs to be modernised for the 21st Century. He is intending to field candidates in all 150 House of Representative Seats Australia wide and also Senate Seats in the Upper House.

The new 21st Century Political System is pushing for voters to vote directly on major policy with the advent of new technology now available from the US and for government spending to be put in the hands of an independent board and removed from the hands of he says, the ‘incompetent politicians’.

Moreover, he is calling for elimination of both state governments and compulsory voting. His Facebook page on a new 21st Century Political System already has thousands of followers who feel discontent with the Australian political process and believe that our current politicians are incompetent. He says that Tony Windsor should do the honourable thing and resign, just as Prime Minister Gillard should for putting such a bad government in power or that Windsor should run as a Labor or Green candidate so that voters can see his true colours and therefore can’t be deceived or betrayed again.

Reportedly it was published in a local paper in Glen Innes, New England in 2010 after the last election where Tony Windsor won (but then sided with a Labor Government despite only 8 per cent of the electorate voting for Labor) that McIntyre would fund $250,000 to see that Tony Windsor is not re-elected.

Sources reveal that McIntyre is well financially placed to run a concerted campaign against Windsor and could attract a lot of young voters and farmers because of his family’s long farming history in New England. It has been reported that he is hiring some ex Obama social media consultants to work on a potential grass roots campaign

He hosted Randi Zuckerberg the former marketing and political executive of Facebook and sister of Mark Zuckerberg at his annual 21st Century Financial Education Summit in Brisbane last year. He has previously hosted speakers such as Sir Richard Branson, Mark Bouris (celebrity apprentice) and Eddie McGuire.

McIntyre is the founder of the 21st Century Education Group consisting of over 12 companies with close to 100 staff and franchisees that reportedly have a turnover of $40million. It is believed that Mr McIntyre has a database following of over 550,000 people across Australia who have attended his large scale seminars or read his best-selling books including “What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had” and 101 Ways to Improve Australia “.

He has a twitter following close to 1 million and McIntyre is adept at social media and Internet marketing campaigns.

McIntyre has also acquired small media assets  in recent years and owns one of Australia’s fastest growing online news site, where he has written articles highly critical of the current government and current political system thus pushing for urgent change .

A well financially backed, organised and potentially popular candidate for the seat of “New England” could cause a loss of voters to both Windsor and Barnaby Joyce (if he is preselected by the Nationals) and should make the contest for the electorate of New England in the planned September elections even more fiercely competitive.



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