21 Ways to Improve Australia, by 21st Century Australia Think Tank

21st Century Australia Party has released 21 policy ideas for the election ahead. However, it says it’s more of a think tank and movement than just a political party. Some say it’s a fiscally conservative and socially progressive party to the centre right. The think tank and party released the following policy ideas this week to contribute to the debate on the future direction of our country and raised some serious concerns over Australia’s spending problem and future debt crisis that Read more [...]

Tony Windsor considers challenging Barnaby Joyce


21st Century Australia Party Approved by AEC

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McIntyre to hold campaign launch

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Money can’t buy genuine followers

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A bad date could ruin Jamie’s run

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New parties spring up to fight poll

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Contest hots up in New England

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Oakeshott and Windsor Quit Politics

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Candidate for 21st Century Party sees closer contest

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Then there were two…

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Another voice steps up to take on the New England

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Millionaire confident support is growing

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Windsor faced a massive defeat says candidate Jamie McIntyre

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Arnie throws support behind Jamie McIntyre

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Candidate predicts poll upset

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NSW candidate claims Terminator support

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McIntyre predicts Windsor would lose seat

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2AD Interview with Jamie McIntyre – Part 2

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2AD Interview with Jamie – Part 1

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McIntyre donates 1000 tickets to see Arnie to New England Residents

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Derek Sivers: How to start a movement

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Interview with Grace Cobb on her candidacy

Kritika Seksaria interviews 21st Century Australia candidate Grace Cobb who is running against Karen Andrews for the McPherson electorate. Read more [...]

Farmers should be compensated for the Labor Governments destruction of the Indonesia Export Cattle Market.

Farmers should be compensated for the Labor Governments destruction of the Indonesia Export Cattle Market. This fiasco is sending many farmers in the North to the wall while Gillard and co will retire to $8 million or more in superannuation. It may be easy for many to forget about this fiasco considering there have been so many other failed policies by Labor; such as the Pink Batts insulation fiasco, the $16 billion wasted with the BER school shed program, the failed  carbon tax and the mining Read more [...]

High-speed rail viable for economy: study

Politicians agree a high speed rail line along Australia's east coast could be a visionary game changer that could prepare the nation for its future. But making a 1748 kilometre fast train rail track between Brisbane and Melbourne a reality within 50 years requires tough decisions by governments likely to baulk at the estimated $114 billion price tag. Federal transport minister Anthony Albanese on Thursday released the second and final report on a high-speed rail network, which the study forecast Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre to challenge Tony Windsor for seat of New England

Motivational Speaker and self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre is considering running for the September 2013 election in the seat of "New England" in Northern NSW. Jamie McIntyre is also the host of the annual Financial Education Summit that has seen key speakers like Richard Branson. This year McIntyre is bringing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the key note speaker at the event. McIntyre will run under a planned new 21st Century Australia Political party which will overhaul what he claims to be an Read more [...]

Facebook’s Zuckerberg tackling politics

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg is helping form a group to lobby for US political reform in areas such as education and immigration policy, according to US media reports. The San Francisco Chronicle, Politico, and the Wall Street Journal were among outlets reporting on Tuesday that the 28-year-old co-founder of the world's leading social network is helping unite technology industry in a political action group. News reports cited unnamed sources and Facebook would not comment. The group, Read more [...]

Unions trying to milk almost $1billion more from taxpayers to fill their greedy coffers

Unions trying to milk almost $1billion more from taxpayers to fill their greedy coffers Recently Workplace Minister Bill Shorten announced a code that does not allow the limiting of union-friendly agreements. Following the announcement of the code, NSW Treasurer Mike Baird has challenged the federal government to do battle with him over his crackdown on the power of construction unions. In light of Mr Shorten’s actions, Mr Baird said “I tell you if he wants to come out and fight it, Read more [...]

Corrupt unions protecting a corrupt or innocent Prime Minister Gillard?

Julia Gillard employs no fewer than 1,600 media advisers (spin doctors). The cost? $150,000,000 pa. There are more, but Ministers like Albanese won’t disclose details. It appears much more of our taxes needs to be spent on spin doctors if our chief spinster Gillard’s involvement in massive union corruption is to remain undetected. I would like to take you on a little trip to the WA Goldfields... to Kalgoorlie’s twin city, Boulder. WA newspaper archives show Bruce Wilson travelled to Read more [...]

Australia doesn’t need Gonski, instead it needs a new education system

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 9.39.03 AM
Governments don’t need to waste more on education, instead, western countries need to adopt a 21st century education system writes Jamie McIntyre. The Australian government mistakenly thinks that the solution to improving the Australian education system is the Gonski report which basically involves throwing more money at education. This trend is similar to other western countries as well. However, it is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money. Following the footsteps of UK and US, ever since Read more [...]

Should laws be passed to limit the power of unions?

I would like to see laws passed to limit the power of unions and therefore reduce their abilities to abuse their power and cause further extensive damage to the national interest. Further, I would like to see laws in place to prevent unions from interfering with Australia's democratic system along with the banning of funds by unions to support any political party. My personal observation of the large, powerful unions in Australia has seen me note they are perhaps the greatest threat to Read more [...]

Union bosses behind Labor shift: Milne

Australian Greens leader Christine Milne has no doubt "old factional bosses" and union leaders were behind Labor's decision to walk away from the minor party "into the arms of the big miners". In a sharp rebuke to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Senator Milne on Tuesday said Labor had effectively ended its agreement with the Greens. By choosing the big miners, Labor had made it clear it no longer had the "courage or the will" to work with the Greens on a shared agenda for the national interest, Read more [...]

How close is Gillard to being arrested on fraud charges ?

Originally Published On: 21stCenturyNews For the first time in Australia's history we are now witnessing a sitting Prime Minister seeking re-election while under investigation by a major fraud squad. The Left of the Press still shows no interest writes Larry Pickering The Victorian Fraud Squad is not investigating Blewitt, Wilson, Bill the Greek, Bill Shorten or anyone else except... The Honorable Ms Julia Eileen Gillard. Sacked for attempting to expose Gillard, radio jock Michael Smith Read more [...]

Was the mining tax a dodgy Gillard deal to become Prime Minister?

The real reason the government’s mining tax failed was because Prime Minister Julia Gillard was taken for a ride by three of the largest mining companies in Australia. Ms Gillard negotiated a secret deal with the three large mining companies in order to stab the Australian elected Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd in the back subsequently removing him from office. The deal from the outset has been questionable or rather ‘dodgy’ (dodgy has seemingly become a very common word when describing Read more [...]

Why businesses should initiate partnerships with schools

Article written by Scott Marriott. Originally Published On: 21stCenturyNews In this current economic climate, it is imperative that businesses initiate partnerships with schools and learning organisations to preserve the future of the workforce, writes Scott Marriott. Patrick Taylor (1937-2004) was an oil billionaire from Louisiana, Texas. His name and his legacy, which continues through the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation, are synonymous with equity and access to education. As a philanthropist, Read more [...]

Get over obsession with tax, miners say

Miners have had enough of federal parliament's obsession with taxing the industry, saying the objective now should be to make mining more internationally competitive. The Australian Greens put forward a bill on Monday in an attempt to close a loophole in the controversial mining tax that would stop the commonwealth having to reimburse miners for any increases in state royalties. But Minerals Council of Australia chief executive officer Mitch Hooke says fully crediting royalties was a key feature Read more [...]

Joyce wants insurers to rethink premiums

Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce has urged insurers to drop their "postcode mentality" when it comes to setting premium increases. The senator for Queensland, which suffered flooding over the Christmas-New Year period, says some people face living without insurance because they can't afford it. Senator Joyce said his family had just received a letter from their insurer telling them their home and contents insurance was going up to $5500. "For home and contents for us, that is difficult, so Read more [...]

Abbott cuts MP travel ahead of poll

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has banned coalition MPs from taking overseas trips in case the government holds the federal election before September. At a joint parties meeting, Mr Abbott said Labor was a shambles and pointed to its carbon tax "lie", the failures of its mining tax, border protection policies and the dumped budget surplus. But he warned an election victory was not assured, despite the coalition's lead over Labor in the opinion polls. "None of us can take victory for granted," Read more [...]

Socialism vs. Capitalism by: Jamie Mcintyre

Jamie McIntyre writes about how socialism made him broke and capitalism made him rich. I love traveling, I love economics, I love observing human psychology, cultural psychology, and the collective psychology of an entire nation. And I love finding solutions to obvious problems, because they generally require nothing more than strategic, intelligent thinking and a large dose of common sense. The same strategic, intelligent thinking and common sense I used to turn my finances around from Read more [...]

Why criticise big vision projects?

Recently a debate stirred with regard to a Liberal Party discussion paper proposing the development of Northern Australia. Developing and utilising the most lucrative resources of our country should not be a matter of debate – it should be a project that is embarked upon immediately. Nevertheless, it seems that certain sections of society, consisting of visionless bureaucrats are impeding the progress of this country. Encouragement and participation in the development of Australia is something Read more [...]

Gillard wants to tax your super but she will retire to a $8million tax free equivalent Super by Jamie Mcintyre

Recently the key players of the Labor Party Prime Minister Gillard and Treasurer Wayne Swan contemplated the preposterous idea of taxing withdrawals on superannuation for people aged over 60. Fortunately, other members of the party recognised the ludicrousness of the proposition resulting in Ms Gillard taking back her words and ruling out the tax. According to a report in the Australian Financial Review Ms Gillard came under pressure from the super industry, savers and former Labor ministers Read more [...]

Is it time for Gillard to resign?

The start of 2013 has seen a teary eyed Julia Gillard who bade farewell to Senate leader Chris Evans and Attorney-General Nicola Roxon on Saturday as they both announced their exits from politics later this year. The shock resignations come just three days after Ms Gillard announced the election would be on September 14. Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne says it has been a “horror” start to the year for Prime Minister. While both outgoing ministers said they were making Read more [...]

Every vote counts?

To vote or not to vote, that is the question writes Kritika Seksaria. Queensland premier Campbell Newman recently questioned the need for compulsory voting – a right that has been taken for granted for just short of a century. His remonstration was followed by the release of a discussion paper by Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie which brought forward a list of possible reforms including the debate on compulsory voting. "It shall be the duty of every elector to vote at each election" states Read more [...]

War of words at the first Question Time this year

As expected, the first Question Time of the year held at the Parliament on Tuesday provoked a war of words between opposition leader Tony Abbott and Prime Minister Julia Gillard as Mr Abbott questioned Ms Gillard on false promises and the Prime Minister kept segueing from the point. The primary concern raised repeatedly by shadow treasurer Joe Hockey and Mr Abbott was regarding Ms Gillard's failed promise of delivering a budget surplus. Mr Abbott said that Ms Gillard stated time and again Read more [...]

A Fast News Day Means No-One Gets Heard

It's a Sheraton smorgasbord and I can't decide on what to devour for fear of leaving no room for something better. So I'll just pick at lots of little things. • Gillard's glasses: I thought initially they were hiding an eye tuck, but not certain. Anyway she had the same glasses for reading her speech at the Press Club as she had for inspecting the floods. Mmmm, that tends to imply they are not prescription, just for show... the feminist executive look maybe. • The election date: She Read more [...]

Imagine a political system where we no longer had to rely on political parties, by Jamie McIntyre

Imagine a political system where we no longer had to rely on political parties and the current political circus. A system where we vote on major policies and not just parties. A system where we have the freedom to vote, or not vote. A truly democratic system. With the technology available today, it’s possible to have an improved, modern day, 21st Century political system. Do you agree? Would you like to see debate on this topic? Think about it...why not channel some of that effort Read more [...]

“Delivering an abundant, prosperous 21st Century economy, for all Australians to fairly share in the massive wealth our large continent nation can provide”.

 For the last 15 years I have travelled around Australia, both city and country, as an educator and author speaking to Australians and encouraging them to develop a real life modern day 21st Century Education, one I believe that we all need to excel and prosper in today's rapidly changing world and one we all should have received at school but didn't. Over 550,000 people from over 17 different countries have been inspired by the teachings of a 21st Century Education and the large majority of them Read more [...]

The Men who Pull Strings

The leader of any political party determines the policy and direction of the caucus ... correct? We all know that’s not entirely true. In fact, more often than not we are quite happy that it is not purely in the hands of any one particular individual, but to think that there is a freewheeling and all-encompassing discussion on all matters of the party is equally naïve. Each political party throughout history has contained power brokers: the individual who has strong influence in the vote. Sometimes Read more [...]

Thomson arrest proves the need for a new 21st Century Political System

Suspended Labor MP Craig Thomson has been arrested by NSW police. He is being charged for fraud offences with 150 fraud charges. In response to the arrest, entrepreneur, media proprietor and self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre who is an advocate of a new 21st Century Political system commended the police for not being intimidated by the mafia like unions in Australia. The arrest stems from an ongoing police investigation regarding Mr Thomson’s misuse of Health services union funds for Read more [...]

Video: Ways to Improve Australia

Kritika Seksaria interviews Jamie McIntyre- the founder of a new 21st Century Political System. Based on Mr McIntyre's book- 101 Ways to Improve Australia- they discuss some of the changes this country needs to make in order to progress. Read more [...]

Video: State of Affairs Episode 7- 21st Century Political System

Video Footage: What are the best ways to improve Australia? Why is there a pressing need for a new political system in Australia's current political climate? Read more [...]

Is Labor now a political joke?

Thursday, 21st March witnessed a comedy of errors that just turned out to be much ado about nothing. However, the Labor Party did manage to taint its reputation even further. Read more [...]

Australia needs to slash unnecessary welfare and focus on getting the unemployed back to work by Jamie McIntyre

One of the key ways to improve Australia is to slash unnecessary welfare and provide incentives to get the unemployed back to work writes Jamie McIntyre. Read more [...]

News Ltd mulls challenge to media reforms

freedom of speechAustralia's largest newspaper publisher News Ltd will consider a legal challenge to the government's planned media reforms. Read more [...]

Australia needs a new political system that ensures we are governed for all Australians and not just a few by Jamie McIntyre

Our 19th Century Political System is currently manipulated and corrupt. It is governing for just a few Australians whereas a political system should be governing everyone writes Jamie McIntyre. Read more [...]

Australia needs immigrants despite Ms Gillard’s opinion by Jamie McIntyre

Australia needs Immigrants and the 457 visas should remain in place despite Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s stance. Read more [...]

Gina Rinehart warns Australians about the economic threats

Gina Rinehart, in her regular column in the Australian Resources and Investment magazine,has once again reminded Australians about the economic threats our country is currently facing. Read more [...]

Is Rudd good for Australia even if he failed as a Prime Minister? by Jamie McIntyre

Australia could in fact be better off if ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is brought back as the leader of the Labor party, despite the fact that Labor is still not likely to win the election. Read more [...]

Will Australia benefit by turning Northern Australia into a Special Economic Zone? by Jamie McIntyre

The vision to develop Northern Australia and the opposition’s consideration to implement those plans is an essential step towards the economic progress of the country. Read more [...]

Court orders unions to cease their illegal behaviour – But do unions think they are above the law?

The CFMEU has been ordered not to threaten or black-ban construction company Grocon's Victorian employees and subcontractors. Read more [...]

Titan CEO on socialist policies

french unionCEO of US tyre maker Titan has recently sparked uproar with comments regarding the work culture in France. Read more [...]

A rebuttal to dangerous socialist perspectives by Jamie McIntyre

A recent article by Ms Katie Wood published on the Socialist Alternative titled: "5 good reasons to confiscate Gina Rinehart’s wealth” is clear evidence of dangerous socialists living in Australia. Jamie McIntyre writes a rebuttal to it. Read more [...]

Get off the payroll by Jamie McIntyre

Payroll taxes imposed by greedy state governments will lead to a continued loss of Australian jobs, replaced by outsourced overseas staff, writes Jamie McIntyre. Read more [...]

Was the mining tax a dodgy Gillard deal to become Prime Minister? by Jamie McIntyre

The real reason the government’s mining tax failed was because Prime Minister Julia Gillard was taken for a ride by three of the largest mining companies in Australia. Read more [...]

Suspended Labor MP Craig Thomson Arrested

Corrupt and suspended Labor MP Craig Thomson has been arrested by NSW police. He is being charged for fraud offences with 149 fraud charges. The arrest stems from an ongoing police investigation regarding Mr Thomson's misuse of Health services union funds for inappropriate escorts, entertainment and travel. Mr Thomson was the head of Health services union. The NSW Police report reveals "He was taken to Wyong Police Station where he is expected to be charged by virtue of the arrest warrant Read more [...]

Gillard on Craig Thomson Arrest

"I am here to talk to about natural disaster, not argy-bargy" says Prime Minister Julia Gillard in response to suspended Labor MP Craig Thomson's arrest and opposition leader Mr Tony Abbott's comment on her judgement. Despite the fact that she edged him out of the party, it is common knowledge that Ms Gillard has been a supporter of Craig Thomson and has defended his stance. However, the Prime Minister emphasized while addressing the press today that her focus was the natural disaster and Read more [...]

Abbott repeats promises and tries to get media to like him

Tony Abbott in his speech at the National Press Club today once again repeated his promise of cutting red-tape, eliminating mining and carbon tax and reducing the cost of living. The opposition leader emphasized that Australians will just be taxed as much as needed. Mr Abbott admitted that climate change is real. However, he said that it was proven in the Copanhagen conference that no country had gone down the path of carbon tax and Emmissions Trading Scheme. Refusing to divulge details Read more [...]

Federal election will be held September 14

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the federal election will be held on Saturday, September 14. Ms Gillard made the surprise announcement during an address to the National Press Club in Canberra on Wednesday. The Labor leader said she wanted to avoid the "carry on" that usually arises from constant speculation of the likely date of the poll during an election year. She said wanted to create an environment in which voters could be more easily focused on national issues, rather than "petty Read more [...]

Former federal attorney-general McClelland to quit politics

Former federal attorney-general Robert McClelland yesterday announced his decision to step down from his current seat in the Parliament and not seek re-election for his Sydney seat of Barton. His departure from federal politics marks the end to a 17 year old career as the Sydney electorate of Barton. An active supporter of Rudd, McClelland served as attorney general from 2007 until the coup against Rudd that brought Julia Gillard into power. McClelland was replaced by Nicola Roxon and demoted Read more [...]

Whitehaven Coal hoaxer will continue fight

The activist behind the Whitehaven Coal hoax has been grilled by the corporate watchdog but says he will continue his fight against Whitehaven's Maules Creek mine. Jonathan Moylan, from the anti-coal mining group Frontline Action on Coal, has admitted to sending a press release to media outlets in early January falsely claiming that the ANZ Bank had pulled its $1.2 billion loan to the miner. The false media release bore the ANZ Bank logo. Frontline Action on Coal accuses Whitehaven of Read more [...]

The unjust super tax on Dymocks director

Bookstore chain Dymock’s director Ann Verschuer has been charged a $70,000 tax bill as a penalisation for exceeding her superannuation cap. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has upheld a 78% tax rate, which will be applied to an $89,000 overpayment. According to a report by SmartCompany, the tribunal heard Dymocks approved an increase to Verschuer's super account in 2008, but due to an error, was paid in the 2009 financial year. Later that same year, Verschuer contributed $90,000 tax to Read more [...]

Swan’s future as treasurer in jeopardy

  Save Story for Later The Queensland treasurer says the federal government is playing politics with unemployment because his commonwealth counterpart Wayne Swan is in danger of losing his seat. Tim Nicholls cited a ReachTEL telephone poll of 511 voters which showed Mr Swan, who is also deputy prime minister, was on track to lose his marginal northern Brisbane electorate of Lilley. "When you look at some things, for example the ReachTEL poll that was widely reported yesterday, Read more [...]

When the Left Left the AWU Scandal Alone

Original Article by Larry Pickering Serial pest of the extreme Left, strident ALP supporter and regular ABC contributor, John Pilger, runs a magazine fittingly called "Green Left".  So it was surprising to see that he was well aware of the AWU scandal in 1995, albeit totally unaware of a Ms Julia Gillard or her role. His magazine reported in 1996 that the US company Fluor Daniel had contracts worth more than $7 billion, including a partnership with BHP in the Escondida copper mine in Read more [...]

No states if we started again says Gillard

Julia Gillard reckons if Australia's founding fathers had their time over they would have done away with the states, even if it meant sending footy fans mad. The prime minister says she has days when she sits in her office and thinks life would be easier if she didn't have to negotiate with state governments. "The truth is if you were starting again from a blank page ... I don't think you'd create the one (system of government) that we've got now with three tiers - local, state and federal," Read more [...]

Is the government being dodgy about the mining tax?

The federal government is resisting pressure to reveal how much it is receiving from the minerals resource rent tax. The 30 per cent tax on the super profits of coal and iron ore miners was forecast to raise $2 billion in 2012/13. Industry sources say the big three miners - BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Xstrata - don't expect to make any payments for the December quarter, repeating the outcome in the September quarter when they made no payments. The coalition is demanding the government clarify Read more [...]

Jamie McIntyre Presents: State of Affairs episode 8

Jamie McIntyre discusses Australian Current Affairs

Jamie McIntyre Presents: State of Affairs episode 7

Jamie McIntyre discusses Australian Current Affairs

Libs blame jobs data on surplus backflip

Federal Opposition leader Tony Abbott has tried to link Labor's backflip on its promise to return the budget to surplus to a weak employment report. Mr Abbott was responding to official labour force figures, released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Thursday, that showed the jobless rate rising to 5.4 per cent in December after the number of people in employment fell by 5500. It was no wonder jobs growth was weak "when you've got a government which simply cannot deliver when it comes Read more [...]

Commonsense over elaborate Green movements

Minority interest groups in Australia, particularly extreme environmental groups including the Greens, wreak havoc despite garnering only 11 per cent of the national vote. This is no more evident in their policies with regard to back burning. It is a matter of concern that people with little common sense and nothing more than Read more [...]

ALP, coalition wrangle over industry help

The federal opposition says it's happy to make the next election a referendum on the future of manufacturing. Labor has challenged the coalition to come clean on its commitment to industry assistance, as steel and car makers shed jobs. Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey says the federal government has wasted taxpayers' money on industry assistance for Ford Australia, which had cut 200 jobs late last year despite receiving a $34 million government grant. Another recipient of taxpayer funds, Read more [...]

Is compulsory voting stealing the essence of democracy?

Since 1924 Australia has abided by the norms of compulsory voting. However, society and politics has changed significantly since then and clinging on to an obsolete 19th century political system can never help a country progress. The ‘Vote- or be fined’ system may be a way to ensure that every citizen abides by its civic duties and participates in choosing the leader of their country. But what about the citizens who don’t care at all? Citizens who are unaware about political policy and Read more [...]

Are businesses becoming free tax agents?

Save Story For Later A recent report by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia brings to light the hidden costs of GST, which in turn are weighing heavily on small businesses. Small businesses are a significant aspect of the economy, therefore, if the small businesses suffer, it will eventually have an adverse effect on the country’s economy as well. Unfortunately in Australia, the state governments are pushing the federal government to broaden the tax base and increase the Read more [...]

Should Australia Start Printing Money?

America has undoubtedly conquered the world since World War II by a simple yet effective strategy particularly since the gold standard was removed thus enabling America to print money with which it could buy up assets around the world. But how can a country simply print money without causing inflation? That's a good question. When Zimbabwe President Mugabe came into power, he did exactly that and destroyed their currency which used to be equal to the USD. Now they require billion dollar Read more [...]

Gillard surpasses Rudd’s time as PM

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has surpassed predecessor Kevin Rudd's time in the Lodge to become Australia's 16th-longest-serving leader. On Monday, Ms Gillard will have been prime minister for 936 days since seizing the top job from Mr Rudd in June 2010. Labor's internal wranglings have been a constant niggle for the party, culminating in the ill-fated leadership challenge by Mr Rudd in February 2012, who was cajoled by Gillard supporters wanting to end speculation once and for all. Next Read more [...]

Julia’s Carbon Tax Going Up In Smoke

The ideological Gillard/Green carbon pricing scheme is beginning to look a little sick and recent fires have not been factored into estimates. European Union carbon permits fell 8.9 per cent to $A8.34 a tonne last year. It has been on a constant five year decline and has recently dropped well below that figure. In the previous year the value slumped 49 per cent, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. We are sitting on a spurious carbon price of $A23 per tonne that will not link to Read more [...]

Gun Control: Will Americans Accept It?

The shoot-out on Friday in a school at Connecticut, Newtown killing 20 small children and 6 adults is a massacre that has shaken up every concerned citizen of the world. It has brought up salient issues revolving around gun violence in America. For instance, questions arise regarding the easy accessibility of guns questioning the validity of the second amendment that allows fire arms for self-defence and protection. ABC News reports that there are more than 129,817 federally licensed firearms Read more [...]

Rinehart’s Comments: Unpopular, yet possibly true

A couple of months back Gina Rinehart caused quite the stir in the media and political sphere by stating that Australians should stop whinging and wasting time in bars and direct their lives towards hard work. Her blunt comments were on the receiving end of criticism from a large number of leftist politicians such as Wayne Swan, Kevin Rudd and health Minister Tanya Plibersek. However, the negativity doesn’t seem to have made an impact on the mining tycoon who once again suggested that young Read more [...]

Gillard’s popularity on the decline

Julia Gillard's lead over Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister is slipping as the coalition retains an election-winning lead, the latest Essential polls shows. The poll published on Monday shows Ms Gillard's rating as preferred prime minister slipped two points to 43 per cent over the month, as the opposition leader gained two points to 34 per cent. Gillard, who was not elected Prime Minister by the people of Australia has recently been at the receiving end of more bad press due to the Read more [...]

Tinkler’s liquidation challenges

Tinkler’s liquidation challenges raise the question: should entrepreneurs become directors of their own companies writes Jamie McIntyre. Many people willingly register themselves as directors of their own companies without considering the risks involved. According to recent changes in the law, in the event of liquidation, company directors in Australia are also potentially liable for the company’s debts such as tax debts, superannuation, payroll tax etc. The primary purpose for the creation Read more [...]

‘Ways to Improve Australia #2: Government spending should be removed from the control of politicians’ by Jamie McIntyre

Australia needs an Independent Board such as the Reserve Bank Board to oversee government spending. I strongly feel of all the 101 Ways To Improve Australia I have listed in this book, this is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to improve Australia. Why leave something as important as government spending in the hands of elected politicians and current governments? The money wasted on defence spending and unsuitable defence equipment is a good example. Hundreds of millions of dollars Read more [...]

‘Ways to Improve Australia #1: Create a new political system’ by Jamie McIntyre

The creation of a new political system is a radical concept, but why have political parties at all? Do our current political parties really serve the citizens’ interest in the most effective way? Why not have elections or referendums based on policies, not parties. I mean, do we agree with all the policies of our preferred party? Of course not. But we’re forced to vote for a party even though we might only agree with some of their policies. And when elected they claim a mandate to implement Read more [...]

Australian politics show poor ethical standards compared to the US

We may not necessarily agree with, like or understand the machinations behind the US political system, however, as evidenced by the latest election campaign their politicians are held to high moral and ethical standards. In comparison, one must question the poor moral choices and lack of ethics displayed in Australia's current political ‘circus’. Let’s consider some examples. Let’s start with the Craig Thomson affair. If Mr Thomson was a US politician, the allegations against him including Read more [...]

Increasing support to eliminate state government

The need to eliminate the state government is an opinion becoming vastly popular in Australia. According to the third biennial constitutional values survey, two-thirds of Australians do not believe that the state and federal governments are working well together, with confidence in the federal government as the most effective level of government falling from 50 per cent in 2008 to 29 per cent. The findings, published in The Australian, also revealed that 38 per cent of Australians believe the Read more [...]

Gillard’s dodgy ways exposed through new evidence

New evidence has emerged alleging that Julia Gillard was in cahoots with the creation of an Australian Workers' Union body that was later used as a "slush fund". New documents reported in the Australian, released by Slater & Gordon's former equity partner Nick Styant-Browne, allegedly show Ms Gillard fought for the incorporation of the Australian Workers' Union Workplace Reform Association. The documents are a transcript of interview from September 1995 between former Slater & Gordon Read more [...]

Obama or Romney: who is better for Australia?

TODAY, those US citizens who choose to vote go to the polls. Having spent the last few weeks in America (and getting out of New York just in the nick of time) I have come to the opinion that American politics is far less of a circus than Australian politics. Australia could learn a great deal from the way in which the run up to the election is conducted. It must also brace itself for the change to come – no matter who wins. There are those of us, particularly in business, who are looking Read more [...]

UN seat a pyrrhic victory

“Only $24 million... quite a modest amount”, so sayeth the man who keeps his used chewing gum in his coat pocket, Bob Carr. Perhaps Carr in his schoolboy excitement could explain the value of this UN nonsense to struggling Aussie families. This is not a great day for Australia, it’s a great day for the Left. The mainstream media dutifully echoes the "modest" $24 million cost that Gillard espouses but it’s a very hollow echo. And Julia Gillard bathes in the adulation of Canberra Read more [...]

Why I’m happy to advertise on Alan Jones 2GB radio show

Jamie McIntyre writes about why he would advertise on Alan Jones’ 2GB radio show and why Australians must take a stand against cyber bullying, which is clearly now out of control and politically motivated. In my recent book on Lessons the World can learn from Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, it is revealed that Mark Zuckerberg’s aim, vision and social mission for Facebook was to create a more openly connected world  that enabled greater sharing of ideas. Its purpose was to give the power back Read more [...]

Jones repeats apology to PM

Broadcaster Alan Jones says he is astounded at the "hatred and anger" dished out to him over comments he made about Prime Minister Julia Gillard's father. Jones again apologised to Ms Gillard on his breakfast show on Tuesday after the furore broke over the weekend. He said his apology was unqualified and should not be linked to comments he made at the weekend expressing his dislike of the Gillard government. Speaking on radio station 2GB, Jones said his comments were out of order and Read more [...]

Vote Labor because Abbott is ‘kind of scary’-Not Good Enough!

June 24th 2010 marked the commencement of Julia Gillard’s term as Prime Minister. It was also the day when serving Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was abruptly ousted from power. However, most importantly it was the day when the Labor Party started displaying conspicuous signs of voter backlash. Former finance Minister Lindsay Tanner, who quit after the coup against Mr Rudd, has broken his two-year silence with his book Politics with Purpose. Mr Tanner stated that the coup was an extreme overreaction Read more [...]

Is there some hard truth in Romney’s comments?

Is there some hard truth in what Mitt Romney had to say about 47% of Americans? If so, then why is the truth so unpopular? At a recent closed door function, US presidential candidate Mitt Romney said: "They will vote for the President (Obama) no matter what. All right, there are 47 per cent who are with him, who are dependent upon Government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to healthcare, Read more [...]

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