21st Century Australia Party officially registered with the AEC

After months of delays, 21st Century Australia Party is now officially registered with the Australian Electoral Commission and eligible to run in the next federal elections with likelihood to contest the WA Senate re-election. The party was founded by entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jamie McIntyre who was also a New England Federal Candidate against Barnaby Joyce. 21st Century Australia was launched in March 2013. However, due to what has publicly been portrayed as administrative bungling Read more [...]

McIntyre files High Court action against AEC

21st Century Australia Party founder Jamie McIntyre has filed High Court action this morning at 11.30am against the Australian Electoral Commission for deliberately delaying his party registration to the exact date required to prevent it being in the original September 14 election or earlier. “What right does Bob Carr, our Foreign Minister, have to recently attack Zimbabwe for dishonest and unfair elections, when at least they let their opposition parties be in the election before cheating them? “He Read more [...]

Australia would have $450 billion in a Sovereign Wealth if 21st Century Australia policies were implemented in 2007

“It is easy to see why we are headed for financial disaster as a nation if we don't change our thinking,” says Jamie McIntyre, leading 21st Century Educator and CEO of 21st Century Education. The Independent candidate for the seat of New England and leader of 21st Century Australia Party said after listening to Labor candidate Stephen Hewitt speak at various events this week, it is no wonder Australia is heading towards financial disaster with massive debts. At the Armidale Meet the Candidates Read more [...]

Could McIntyre bring Oprah to Tamworth?

  It was reported that several months ago, Tamworth City Council were in discussions regarding an offer to bring former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to speak at TREC, if the venue could be made available at short notice. Schwarzenegger was in Australia in June for a speaking tour as guest of New England Candidate for the Federal Election Jamie McIntyre. Mr McIntyre hosts celebrities and global business leaders each year at his Annual Financial Education Summits for his Read more [...]

Raise the tax free threshold to $22,500 per annum not lower it to $6000, says McIntyre

Founder of the 21st Century Australia Party and federal candidate for the seat of New England, Jamie McIntyre, is urging the next government, whoever that may be, to raise the tax free threshold. Mr McIntyre said the tax free threshold should be raised to $22,500 before individuals should start paying tax to help lower income earners, which one of his 25 point blue print plan to fix up a debt laden, over governed, country heading for financial disaster. It has been reported that the Coalition Read more [...]

Health system needs overhaul claims McIntyre

  Health is one of Jamie McIntyre’s 21st Century Australia Party’s 10 key policy areas for the New England and Australia and Mr McIntyre said one of his plans for health reform would be of great benefit for the electorate. Mr McIntyre will run as an independent for the seat of New England in the September 7 election after what he claims was a deliberate plan by the AEC to prevent his 21st Century Australia Party from running in the election. Although, the policies of the 21st Century Read more [...]

McIntyre to file High Court action against AEC by Friday

21st Century Australia Party founder Jamie McIntyre says his party will file High Court action by Friday against the Australian Electoral Commission for deliberately delaying his party registration to the exact date required to prevent it being in the original September 14 election or earlier. “What right does Bob Carr, our Foreign Minister, have to recently attack Zimbabwe for dishonest and unfair elections, when at least they let their opposition parties be in the election before cheating Read more [...]

CSG companies should pay a fee to protect environment, says McIntyre

Coal Seam Gas companies should be made to pay a fee to be set aside as a provision to rectify any potential environmental damage due to valid concerns the process of CSG extraction cannot guarantee no environmental harm, says Independent Candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre. Mr McIntyre, who is also the founder of 21st Century Australia Party, says the concerns over Coal Seam Gas and the environmental risk appears valid and CSG companies should be made to set aside a fee to the Government Read more [...]

McIntyre meets with New England Mayors

Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre has been meeting with Mayors throughout the electorate to brainstorm ways to improve the New England region and to listen to the key issues being faced by Local Government. Mr McIntyre said many ratepayers are concerned about the continued increasing costs, yet often declining services. “This issue needs to be addressed, especially the need for greater efficiency and productivity gains required by governments at all three levels to Read more [...]

Labor candidate admits he may be running for wrong party

New England Labor Candidate Stephen Hewitt said on Monday night at the Inverell Meet the Candidates Forum, that maybe he is in the wrong party after a question over the sell off the banking system carried out largely by Former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating. Mr Hewitt also admitted he was appalled by Labor’s decision to have a knee jerk reaction over the live export issue, which Independent Candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre said has cost in excess of $100 million in lost income Read more [...]

Nationals to be stripped of Trade Portfolio

The Nationals will be stripped of the Trade Portfolio for the first time in almost 60 years because they are deemed to protectionist to spearhead an aggressive free trade and foreign investment agenda planned by Tony Abbott, according to today's front page of the Australian Financial Review. Jamie McIntyre, the alternate candidate for the seat of New England against Barnaby Joyce, said this just reinforces what he said on ABC radio this morning with Kelly Fuller, that the Nationals are a minority Read more [...]

McIntyre using business connection in an attempt to improve New England air services

Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre is already using his business connections to attempt to attract new companies to do business in New England. Mr McIntyre, who has hosted the likes of Sir Richard Branson the billionaire entrepreneur who founded the Virgin Group and Virgin Australia Airlines, has made a formal approach to John Borghetti CEO of Virgin Australia to consider air services to Tamworth and Armidale to either Sydney or possibly Brisbane. Mr McIntyre said regional Read more [...]

McIntyre believes Tamworth should be an air freight hub

Tamworth should become a major air freight centre hub and the New England Rail should be reopened through to Brisbane ahead of building another costly inland rail line, Independent Candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre said. Twenty-seven per cent of air traffic to Sydney is freight. Sydney Airport and surrounding roads are already overcrowded. “Why not send non Sydney air freight traffic to regional airports that are large enough for larger planes to land such as Canberra and Tamworth?” Read more [...]

How to create an unprecedented Regional Australia Boom – a vision for Australia to 2050

Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre been asked to speak at NSW Parliament next month about his vision for Australia by 2050 Perhaps the reason Mr McIntyre was asked and not Mr Rudd and or Mr Abbott, is he is the founder of the newly emerging political party 21st Century Australia, a movement many say will be the future party of Australia. “I and the party actually have a long term vision for Australia and have released policies publicly on how to achieve this vision,” Read more [...]

Federal Government must maintain oversight of Water Trigger Act says Independent McIntyre

Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre believes the Federal Government must maintain oversight of the Water Trigger Act and not pass it back to the states. He also said the Carbon Tax should be changed to a Carbon Investment Fee where 100 per cent of the money goes into renewable energies and is set at market rates, not the $28 a tonne the current Government set. “The states seem to have been to pro approving Coal Seam Gas based on economic benefit and not enough priority Read more [...]

McIntyre to visit Tomato Farm

Independent candidate for the seat of New England Jamie McIntyre is looking forward to picking tomatoes and touring the facility when he visits Guyra’s famous Tomato Farm tomorrow at 11am. Mr McIntyre, an entrepreneur in his own right, is a big supporter of small and medium business. “Small to medium business is what I want to see grow,” Mr McIntyre said. “My aim, if elected is to attract more new industries and business, like the Guyra Tomato Farm, which hopes to expand to 1000 Read more [...]

New England to lose funding if Joyce wins

Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre says funding is at risk for New England if the Coalition wins and especially if he (McIntyre) doesn't get enough support to make it a close contest. As reported in the Australian Financial Review August 23rd, there is $8 billion in funding on planned projects by the current Government Abbott hasn't agreed to fund including the $80 million for the New England Highway at Bolivia Hill section and another $45 million to ease congestion on the Read more [...]

Should the Nationals consider a new Coalition?

The National Party should consider dumping the Liberals after this election and joining forces in new coalition, with the party of the future 21st Century Australia, party founder Jamie McIntyre said. Mr McIntyre said it’s clear the Nationals have little influence in the Coalition, emphasized by them being stripped of the trade portfolio for the first time in 60 years because Abbott wants to push free trade and rampant foreign investment and doesn't want the Nationals interfering in that. The Read more [...]

Time for urgent media reforms

Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre says Australia needs urgent media reforms and that the decline of Fairfax is such a worrying concern that he may become a buyer of Fairfax shares if they decline further. Mr McIntyre is a self-made millionaire who founded over a dozen companies, including a fast growing public unlisted media company, 21st Century Media, a publisher of half a dozen print magazines and an online independent news site,, amongst other Read more [...]

McIntyre to lobby for new athletics track in Tamworth

Independent candidate for New England Jamie McIntyre has announced he will push for a synthetic tartan athletic track to be built in Tamworth to provide better facilities for New England. Mr McIntyre said this will also help to attract more athletic State Athletics Championships to be held in Tamworth. “Tamworth already has some great facilities and this can add to it and ensure regional Australia has the facilities its city counterparts enjoy,” he said. Mr McIntyre has been attending Read more [...]

Letter to virgin CEO – John Borghetti

CEO Virgin Australia Dear John Borghetti, I am running as Federal Candidate for New England, Northern NSW, which encompasses regional cities such as Tamworth and Armidale. I also have hosted Sir Richard Branson at my annual 21st Century Financial Education Summits in 2011. I write to you in regards to expansion opportunities into smaller but potentially viable markets Virgin is not yet in, yet Qantas is, and are charging high prices. As an example, Qantas are able to charge one way Read more [...]

Abbott will cause more Independents to be elected in the bush says National MP

A National MP reported in the Australian Financial Review 23rd August page 4 said "Mr Abbott and Mr Truss risked causing a split because the policy approach being embraced by the Coalition Leadership would lead to more Independents being elected in bush electorates. Jamie McIntyre, the Independent New England Candidate that stands between Barnaby Joyce winning New England and his future Deputy Prime Minister ambitions, said recently the Nationals should start considering a new coalition partner Read more [...]

McIntyre to speak at Inverell – Meet the Candidates

  Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre’s campaign schedule continues to get busier by the day. Mr McIntyre has been invited to speak at the Meet the Candidates Forum in Inverell on Monday where up to 100 people are expected to be in attendance. The Inverell forum follows five similar events in Tamworth and Armidale this week. Currently Mr McIntyre and Nationals candidate Barnaby Joyce are the only two candidates to confirm they will be attending the Inverell Read more [...]

McIntyre to call summit if elected

Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre has announced the first thing he will do if elected is to call a summit to help grow the New England. Mr McIntyre said he would call a summit of the Chamber Of Commerce, Local Councils, State MP’s, business owners, farmers and industry leaders to develop an action plan to aggressively grow the economy, create new jobs, attract new industry, and create an environment to help existing small to medium business owners and farmers expand. "Working Read more [...]

Ben Wirth – Letter to the Editor

Dear editor, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Jamie McIntyre at his stand at Ag-Quip this week. I have never heard anyone so passionate about getting this electorate and nation back on track. I would like to bring something to the attention of all New England voters. If you haven’t read 21st Century Australia’s policies, I urge you to do so before the September 7 election. You can do this simply by visiting their website, facebook page Read more [...]

Transforming the dole

One of the key ways to improve Australia is to slash unnecessary welfare and provide real incentives to get the unemployed back to work, Independent candidate for the seat of New England and 21st Century Australia Party founder Jamie McIntyre said. Mr McIntyre has come up with two commonsense strategies to get the unemployed back to work, which are part of his 25-point blueprint to transform Australia. 1. Reducing dole payments after 90 Days unless recipients study career enhancing courses Read more [...]

McIntyre supports Gonski, but on one condition

  Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre, who is also CEO of 21st Century Education and founder of 21st Century Australia Party, has announced he will launch a free educational website for students, teachers and parents to provide a 21st Century Education to ensure students get access to more than just the outdated flawed 19th Century Industrialised Education they get at school. "I'm fed up like many parents and teachers with the poor quality of education dished out at school Read more [...]

iPads essential for all students

Technology is at the forefront of the modern world. The corporate world is forced to keep up with technology or simply be left behind, so why shouldn’t Australia’s education system be equipped with cutting edge technology. 21st Century Party founder and now Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre said all Australians students should be equipped with new technology for learning such as iPads or tablets and have access to leading-edge learning apps. Mr McIntyre is so passionate Read more [...]

Teachers give it to Joyce

After some fiery exchanges at Monday night’s Tamworth Teacher’s Education Forum Meet the Candidates event, there would be no surprises if Barnaby Joyce did not show up for the coinciding event in Armidale tonight. Mr Joyce received a hammering from many of the teachers in attendance over the Coalition’s plan to provide 40 million dollars less to education in funding if Labor would if they remain in government after the September 7 Federal Election. Mr Joyce seemed frustrated with the Read more [...]

Windsor still in cahoots with Labor

It seems as if Tony Windsor is still in cahoots with the Labor Party even after announcing his retirement from politics. Mr Windsor put up Independent candidate Rod Taber at the very last moment as Mr Taber nominated just before the nomination deadline last week. This came after one of Mr Windsor’s staff decided not to run, resulting in Mr Windsor having to find Taber to urgently run. Fellow Independent candidate Jamie McIntyre believes Mr Windsor put up Mr Taber to run as an Independent Read more [...]

Urgent Complaint Letter to the Australian Electoral Commission

Stop AEC political interference in democracy and allow 21st Century Australia Party To Be On Ballot Papers on September 7th. SIGN THE PETITION NOW! URGENT COMPLAINT LETTER TO THE AUSTRALIAN ELECTORAL COMMISSION. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD LETTER TO SEND TO THE AUSTRALIAN ELECTORAL COMMISSION AND GOVERNOR GENERAL. Take a stand for democracy, allow for your vote to be heard this election and email this complaint letter ASAP. PASS THIS ON TO AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE.  *Please Read more [...]

Why New England needs to elect Jamie McIntyre ahead of Barnaby Joyce

Even as Jamie McIntyre has been forced to run as an independent due to AEC interference in his 21st Century Australia Party being denied the right to run in the election Australia wide, he and his party represent the future of Australia. His main opponent Barnaby Joyce represents the past and all that’s wrong with the two major parties. “He is answerable to the Liberals and city party at that,” Mr McIntyre said. “He can't say what he wants. "The times he does speak his mind he Read more [...]

Does a magic candidate emerge from the bushes?

In an article published by the Queensland Country Life, outgoing Member for the New England Tony Windsor stated he believed Nationals candidate Barnaby Joyce was a lock to win the seat he held since 2001 on September 11. “Unless a magic candidate jumps out of the bushes in the next two days, Barnaby Joyce should win it,” Mr Windsor told the publication. Although a candidate has just emerged from the business (literally see photo attached), with Independent candidate Jamie McIntyre looming Read more [...]

Busy week ahead for McIntyre

This week will prove to be a busy one for Independent candidate for the New England Jamie McIntyre as he continues on the campaign trail in the lead-up to the September 7 Federal Election. The busy schedule began yesterday as Mr McIntyre attended the Tamworth Chamber of Commerce Meet the Candidates Luncheon. He then joined four other candidates at West Tamworth Leagues Club at 6pm for the Tamworth Public Education Forum. Mr McIntyre and his team will then shift to Gunnedah, where they will Read more [...]

Newscorps polls are deliberately inaccurate to mislead the public says McIntyre

Newscorps Newspolls claim Nationals candidate Barnaby Joyce has the seat of New England all but wrapped up, but Independent candidate Jamie McIntyre is saying these polls are inaccurate and done deliberately to serve Newscorps declared agenda of Abbott at all costs. Mr McIntyre, who many see as the biggest threat to Mr Joyce, is not even polled in Newscorps Newspolls. Mr McIntyre has even been leading Mr Joyce in some recently released polls. “How can an accurate poll be conducted if Read more [...]

Two party duopoly destroying agriculture

Both major parties (and the Nationals) support free market economies which is destroying our Agriculture industries says Jamie McIntyre, Independent Candidate for New England Mr McIntyre said before we get into a protectionist debate verse free market, consider why should Australian farmers be forced to compete in markets where its overseas competitors get massive subsidies verse nonexistent subsidies to Australian Farmers? He continued on to ask why are Australian farmers at least not protected Read more [...]

Major parties adopt another 21st Century Australia Party policy

Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party have adopted another one of 21st Century Australia Party’s policies in the lead-up to the September 7 election. Turning Northern Australia into a major economic zone is one 21st Century Australia policies in its 25-point blue print to transform Australia (Policy number 21 publicly available since April at and Labor have this week announced it as one of their policies for the election campaign. Although, this is not a new idea Read more [...]

McIntyre encourages Torbay to nominate

After rumours swirled through media circles yesterday that Richard Torbay may yet run for the seat of New England, Independent candidate Jamie McIntyre said it would be great for the election race if Mr Torbay did throw his hat in the ring. The former State Member for the Northern Tablelands was the original Nationals candidate for this year’s Federal Election, but he was dumped by the party in March after it was revealed he had previously accepted money from Labor power broker Eddie Obeid. Mr Read more [...]

Biased coverage by Sky News

Yesterday’s Sky News coverage of the New England election race would have left most viewers thinking there was only one candidate running, Barnaby Joyce. Mr Joyce was the only one of the six candidates who featured in the coverage, leaving candidates, such as Independent Jamie McIntyre outraged. Sky News were in Tamworth to cover the New England Federal Election race, but it seemed more like a profile on Mr Joyce. The Foxtel channel also covered former Prime Minister John Howard’s trip to Read more [...]

McIntyre challenges Joyce to debate

  Independent candidate for the New England, Jamie McIntyre, is challenging Barnaby Joyce to a debate in the lead up to the September 7 Federal Election. It would be an intriguing match-up if Mr Joyce, the overwhelming favourite for the seat of New England, accepts Mr McIntyre’s offer. Mr McIntyre acknowledges he is a big underdog to win the seat, and even as a relative newcomer to politics, he said he would be eager to face-off against an experienced campaigner like Mr Joyce in a debate. The Read more [...]

Letter to the editor of the Armidale Express from Jamie McIntyre regarding article in Friday’s edition entitled “The party’s over for Jamie McIntyre”

This is the most in inaccurate article to date in the entire political campaign and clearly highlights the AEC can't defend its deliberate actions to interfere with democracy and prevent 21st Century Australia by telling the truth so it is now reverting to lies to blame the 21st Century Australia party for why it isn't in this year’s Federal Election. If I was to ask a private sector employee; Here is a list of 550 names. I need you to quickly cross check against this other database to locate Read more [...]


5 August 2013 MEDIA RELEASE JAMIE MCINTYRE'S 21ST CENTURY AUSTRALIA PARTY TO SUE AUSTRALIAN ELECTORAL COMMISSION AND PRIME MINISTER RUDD OVER SEPTEMBER 7 ELECTION Founder of 21st Century Australia Party and candidate for seat of New England against Barnaby Joyce, Jamie McIntyre says that with a September 7 election which Rudd announced yesterday, he will consider taking urgent court action against the AEC to delay the election if they continue to refuse adding 21st Century Australia to Read more [...]

Wheel of justice turns for some

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An end to the Labor madness

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Political parties in the 21st century are brands. And like any brand, if the consumer loses faith, support is lost and a rebuilding phase must begin. To restore faith it is first necessary to find out where the problems began. Kritika Seksaria examines Australia’s loss of faith in the Labor Party. Leadership is crucial to any organisation. When a leader loses support, the organisation fails. In sport, a bad captain or coach will generally determine a low position on the league ladder. In Read more [...]

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