McIntyre encourages Torbay to nominate

After rumours swirled through media circles yesterday that Richard Torbay may yet run for the seat of New England, Independent candidate Jamie McIntyre said it would be great for the election race if Mr Torbay did throw his hat in the ring.
The former State Member for the Northern Tablelands was the original Nationals candidate for this year’s Federal Election, but he was dumped by the party in March after it was revealed he had previously accepted money from Labor power broker Eddie Obeid.
Mr Torbay subsequently resigned from State Parliament the day after he was dumped by the Nationals.
Mr McIntyre said the race for the seat of New England would really heat up if Mr Torbay nominated before the cutoff date later this week.
Mr McIntyre is currently facing stiff competition from the man who replaced Mr Torbay as Nationals candidate, Barnaby Joyce.
Mr Joyce is the hot favourite, but support is growing for Mr McIntyre, who said it would be the biggest political upset in Australian political history if he could topple the former Queensland senator.
The Greens, Palmer United Party, Citizens Electoral Council and the Labor Party have also nominated candidates to contest for the seat of New England.

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