Biased coverage by Sky News

Yesterday’s Sky News coverage of the New England election race would have left most viewers thinking there was only one candidate running, Barnaby Joyce.
Mr Joyce was the only one of the six candidates who featured in the coverage, leaving candidates, such as Independent Jamie McIntyre outraged.
Sky News were in Tamworth to cover the New England Federal Election race, but it seemed more like a profile on Mr Joyce.
The Foxtel channel also covered former Prime Minister John Howard’s trip to Tamworth to throw his support behind Mr Joyce.
During the coverage it was reported no other candidate was available for comment, although neither Mr McIntyre nor his office were approached to feature in the coverage.
Mr McIntyre was left wondering why the coverage was so unbelievable biased.
“Is it Murdoch’s interest,” he said.
This comes as many media outlets have been reporting, Mr Joyce is a certainty to win the seat of New England.
But Mr McIntyre said stunts like bringing Mr Howard to the electorate could backfire on Mr Joyce.
“Barnaby is bringing the big guns in like John Howard as he is getting concerned that voters are considering not voting for him to support his deputy Prime minister ambitions,” Mr McIntyre said.

“Unfortunately neither Tony Abbott or Kevin Rudd are anywhere near the caliber of Prime Minister as John Howard who was one of our better Prime Ministers,” Mr McIntyre said

“So perhaps bringing John to Tamworth will only remind Australians how bad our political options are with only Rudd and Abbott to choose from, especially when a legitimate 3rd Party choice in 21st Century Australia, was deliberately prevented from running in the election, that can provide fresh thinking and new polices to transform the nation an lead it into a prosperous 21st Century future.

“Neither Rudd nor Abbott have started companies, employed people, worked a real job, created wealth let alone manage a $1.4 trillion dollar economy.

“Of course Abbott would lead a better Government then Rudd but that’s only because it’s harder to run a worse one.

“At least New England voters will get a legitimate choice as the AEC hasn’t been able to stop me running as an Independent in New England however  the rest of Australia has been denied the right to vote for a legitimate alternative in 21st Century Australia for 3 more years which is very undemocratic

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