5 August 2013



Founder of 21st Century Australia Party and candidate for seat of New England against Barnaby Joyce, Jamie McIntyre says that with a September 7 election which Rudd announced yesterday, he will consider taking urgent court action against the AEC to delay the election if they continue to refuse adding 21st Century Australia to the Ballot papers for a September 7th, 2013 election.

According to McIntyre the AEC is denying democracy by preventing voters from having a legitimate third party option.

“If we aren’t on the ballot paper, then supporters and voters Australia wide are being prevented to vote for their preferred party, which is not democracy.

“There is no legitimate reason for us to not be on the ballot papers for a September 7 election as we submitted our party registration May 2nd and became a listed Party as of July 15 and therefore should be allowed on the ballot papers.

“We are also considering organising a class action for every voter who refuses to vote in this year’s election because 21st Century Australia is not on the ballot paper and thus the voters are being denied to vote for their preferred choice. They will join a class action and not be compelled to pay a fine” says McIntyre.

21st Century Australia lodged its application with the AEC on 2nd of May and despite significant delays, was listed as a registered party on 15th July on the AEC website under ‘Current party registration applications inviting objection”.

It is speculated that the AEC may have pushed the registration of 21st Century Australia to 15th July, just as an attempt to prevent the party from being on the ballot paper if an election was held September 14 or earlier as it is was well known that the electoral commission knew the original election date was September 14 and if Rudd returned, perhaps even earlier.

McIntyre, who will still run for the seat of New England but will now have to as an Independent, says that the denial of democracy by the AEC is a rort.

“Despite an estimated 54 other minor parties being allowed to run including the Palmer Party, all of which were approved in a matter of weeks (not the nearly 3 months the AEC delayed 21st Century Australia’s registration) the AEC refuses to allow 21st Century Australia to be on the ballot paper” he said.

The other minor party such as the Palmer United Party and many others were approved despite lodging their submissions after 21st Century Australia.

McIntyre says he will release details of the AEC deliberate tactics they used to interfere with democracy and prevented his party being in this year’s election.

For a party that was launched on April 1st, 21st Century Australia has gained immense traction and popularity with McIntyre polling extremely well in New England. The party has received recognition on a national level as well with coverage in mainstream media as McIntyre campaigned with red carpet events in all major Australian cities having addressed an estimated 4500 people Australia wide at political events in recent months.

The Party has also announced candidates for all Senate seats in every state Australia wide and 14 Lower House seats with aims to announce up to 75 from over 100 candidate applications.

McIntyre released his detailed 25-point plan to improve Australia and unlike other start-up parties or single-issue parties, he acknowledges that the revolution and improvement of Australia is a long-term, 10-15 year project.

He says its a sad day for a so called democracy when a legitimate third party is not allowed to be on the ballot papers for no other reason than deliberate interference in democracy or gross government incompetence.

“An enormous amount of work has gone into launching a new party Australia wide to support the majority of Australians that don’t particularly want to vote for Labor or Liberal.

“However, if we fail to force the AEC to do the right thing and allow voters a legitimate third party option, then it appears that the powers have been successful in once again denying Australian voters a real choice and the Labor Liberal duopoly will continue.

“Many Australians want this duopoly ended,” said McIntyre.

Voters are entitled to ask why is 21st Century Australia being denied the right to be in the election when there is no legitimate reason.

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