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Australian Politics – 21st Century Australia FAQ


How can I vote for your 21st Century Australia Party on Election Day?

There are two ballot papers, one being the Senate and one for the House of Representatives.

To vote for 21st Century Australia Party on Election Day in the Senate assigned 21st Century Australia Party as your number 1 preference.

For the House of Representatives assign your local 21st Century Australia Candidate as your first candidate preference. This is only applicable in Australian politics if there is a 21st Century Australia Candidate in your electorate.

How many candidates in the lower house?

21st Century Australia has announced 14 select candidates, with many more to come. We have received over 100 candidate applications and are still recruiting. If you are interested in becoming an Australian politics 21st Century Australia candidate please apply here.

We have fielded Senate Candidates in all states except Tasmania (to be announced shortly) to view all our Senate Candidates please visit the Candidate Page to learn more.

How can I become a candidate?

We are currently recruiting candidates please apply if you are interested in becoming a 21st Century Australia candidate please apply here.

Where can I read your policies?

Please click here to download our comprehensive Policy document.

How can I become a volunteer on Election Day?

Election day is likely to be just around the corner and we need your help to make a successful campaign and help make a difference in the future or Australian politics. To find out how you can help please visit the Election Day page or email Cassie Newsome at

Point 12 highlights that your party supports running budget surpluses, while point 15 highlights that “borrowing for key infrastructure would be good debt”. These seem to be mutually exclusive fiscal strategies. What strategy would your Australian politics party’s fiscal strategy follow?

A Budget Surplus can be run based on eliminating wastage to free up more to reinvest into valuable infrastructure to grow the economy and grow future tax revenue. Just like saving money to buy an investment property by cutting wastage and putting money aside into an investment, the extra returns from the investment later increases your income.

Any borrowings would be considered a good debt verse say a car being a bad debt as it depreciates in value and generally isn’t tax deductible. Borrowing for key infrastructure if it required going into debt can be considered, but only first after eliminating the wastage. A lot of infrastructure can be built by the private sector at no cost to the government also as an option or a combination. We should also save 10% minimum of our income, which is basic financial intelligence 101. Australian politics current tax revenue of $360 billion pa should have $36 billion (10%) put aside into a Sovereign Wealth Fund or Infrastructure Fund. Before the current government came to power the tax revenue was only $292 billion pa yet despite that, this year they will spend not only the increased $360 billion but also $19 billion on top (likely to be higher). i.e. $19 billion deficit despite having $70 billion approximately more in income since 2006/2007. That is poor financial management as most is wasted not put aside into investments to grow the economy, despite the political spin the Government gives, such as were had a hit to our revenues.

Point 13 describes how removal of excess regulation will help stimulate business growth in the region. Can you highlight which regulation in particular will be removed, and how the removal of regulation will lead to net positive outcomes? Will environmental and Labor protections be removed?

Excess regulation in Australian politics such as tax and compliance ties up company’s money and resources; including paper work, paying accountants and lawyers, all this could be going into growing the company and income, hence increasing the economy. The Tax Act is overly complex and needs simplifying. It currently reduces business efficiencies.

Point 7 describes your ambition to create a sovereign wealth fund. This is a laudable policy, however how will it be funded? Will funds come from general revenue or will additional taxes/levies be put in place? And how will this fund be governed? What will its stated objectives be?

See above plus we propose a smaller federal royalty tax to replace the flawed mining tax and all proceeds to go to a Sovereign Wealth Fund or Infrastructure Fund, rather than going to fill budget black holes.

In regards to the “25 ways to improve Australia” web page, you state that under your Australian politics party, government spending would come under the control of an independent board, rather than being under the power of politicians. This is a radical change, and would most likely require a referendum to change the separation of powers under the constitution.

How would this board be accountable to the Australian people? How would board members be appointed? How would transparency be guaranteed? How would the interests of Australians be guaranteed, particularly members of minority groups who only have a chance to participate through representative democracy?

The Government would appoint the board with people (unlike most politicians) that actually have the financial skill sets and proven results to oversee spending better then bias political driven politicians who often waste money to bribe voters which destroys democracy. Just like the Reserve Bank Board oversees interest rates and not the treasurer to ensure the best decisions are made economically not decisions made to be popular but potentially destructive to the economy.

I am curious as to what your policy position is towards legitimate firearm owners such as those who use their firearms for sporting/target practice and for hunting and whether or not you differ from the 2 main parties?

Our party leader grew up in country Australia. We believe farmers and recreational shooters need more flexible rights to be able to have firearms as long as safety measures are adhered to.

What is 21st Century Australia’s stance on Same Sex Marriage/Marriage equality:

21st Century Australia have released a 25 Point Plan to Improve Australia. Point number 1 outlines that with a 21st Century Australia Government voters would have the opportunity to vote directly on major policies, Marriage Equality being one of those things. This would give voters not the politicians the power to decide, and we would support the majorities wishes. Outside of that we are neutral on this issue.

Click here to read more about our policies

Mining Tax:

Mining tax changed to a small simple Federal Royalty Tax with 100 percent of the proceeds going to a Sovereign Wealth Fund and/or Infrastructure Spending Fund or the tax should be abolished. The Australian politics mining tax has already damaged Australia’s global reputation. If such a tax is necessary, we need to ensure 100% of it goes into a Sovereign Wealth Fund or Future Fund.

Click here to read more on Policy #7

Carbon Tax:

Review of the carbon tax and its replacement with a system where funds are paid directly to a renewable energy fund to ensure the environment receives 100 per cent of the proceeds. Thus it is not a Australian politics tax revenue earner for governments and actually helps the environment. This controversial tax introduced by the Gillard Government in 2012, against the wishes of the majority of Australians, has caused significant economic losses for little gain. This amount would be set at a market rate.

Click here to read more on Policy #6

What is 21st Century Australia’s stance on climate change?

We support a healthy environment and a healthy economy. Click here to download our policy document for all details.

Does your party have a policy on euthanasia? If so, what is 21st Century Australia’s stance on euthanasia?

No Policy position yet however an important issue that with an aging population we will need to address to prevent unnecessary suffering.

How is 21st Century Australia different from the two major parties in Australian politics?

There are several areas where 21st Century Australia differs from the Coalition and the Australian Labor Party of Australian politics. For full details please click here to download our policy document.

21st Century Australia is about returning the power back to the voters. We want to ensure voters have a direct say on major policy.

We also want to reduce the power of politicians via appointing an independent board to oversee Government spending. We strongly believe Australia must and should move to electing an Independent Board filled with the best business and finance brains, these representatives of the community would oversee and manage Government spending, whilst making recommendations and finding efficiencies and cost savings in the public sector.

Remove wastage from a 3 tiered Government system. We would review state government to consider only having two levels of government. Thus, critical areas such as health, education, transport and infrastructure will be under one national system. It is estimated the removal of state governments will save a massive $50 billion per annum. 21st Century Australia has a plan to unite the country. This comprises of objectives, outcomes and a five-stage transition plan designed to achieve full unification of Australia by the year 2025. Please click here to download our policy document for further details.

21st Century Australia has been created by a leader with a PhD in results as do many of our candidates. We believe that life results and learning can help Australia and the Australian people. We have the vision and ability to create jobs, stimulate the economy, cut wastage, make tough decisions, lead people and a team to work for both workers and small to medium business owners, whilst ensuring all sections of society are being heard an looked after.

I was reading that you plan to save 15 billion dollars approximately with the NBN. How do you plan on doing this?

We don’t support the wastage and delays of the current governments NBN plan. We support an NBN to be completed sooner and for a cost of around $29 billion or less not the $42 billion and growing of Gillard / Rudd Government.

Who are Jamie McIntyre/21st Century Australia’s preferences going to?

To be decided closer to the election.

Are you going to lobby to make Economics/Commerce a compulsory subject for years 7 and 8?

We intend to completely change the education system from a 19th Century system to a 21st Century system. Please click here to read our policy on education at

On the news the other night they had a thing like this, with the unions not paying taxes. They also said that Churches don’t pay taxes. What are your plans for this?

Unions should pay taxes and abide by Corporate Law to make them transparent and honest.

Point 9 – Changes made to revise the power of corrupt unions and to reduce their abilities to abuse their power and cause further damage to national interests. Move unions to be under the ASIC and treated the same as corporate Australia plus ensuring unions pay tax. Laws should prevent them from interfering with the Australian demographic system along with the limiting of funds by corrupt unions to support any political party and prevent the exploitation of workers. For more details please click here to download our policy document.

Do we think removing or reducing the payroll tax will increase jobs within Australia?

Point 11 – Removal or reduction of payroll tax for companies with less than 200 employees, which accounts for almost 70% of the businesses in Australia. This will also stimulate job creation. For more details on our Removal or reduction of payroll taxes please click here to download our policy document.

What other plans do you have for the asylum seekers that are overflowing Christmas Island?

Point 10 – The introduction of a fee for immigration Visas to raise potentially $15 billion per annum, plus reduce people smugglers business by removing the financial incentives by desperate people to pay people smugglers. For more details on Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Australia’s Australian politics view on how to sole Australia’s boat problem please click here through to the article “21st Century Australia tackle illegal boat people problems” or click here to download our policy document.

A lot of schools have tablets and IPads. I’m guessing you are going to make sure that every student gets one, much like how Kevin Rudd gave all senior students a laptop?

Tablets and IPads are far more effective than Kevin Rudd’s laptops for Schools scheme, which was costly and poorly managed and laptops break down and are prone to virus’s and aren’t as effective learning aids as IPads.

Point 24 – Equip every student with new technology for learning such as IPads or tablets at school and access to leading edge learning apps to ensure we use technology to deliver better quality education for less cost to leave our 19th century education system behind. For full details on our education plan click here to download our policy document


Click here to read about 21st Century Australia’s 25 Point Plan to improve Australia
































































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