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Jamie McIntyre

Founder of 21st Century Australia Party
CEO | Founder of 21st Century Education Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyre is the founder of over 12 companies (employing almost 100 staff and franchisees) that turn over in excess of $40 million dollars annually. With reach in industries such as education, accounting, trading, real estate, rural companies (a group of farms in New England – Northern NSW where he grew up), recruitment, media, publishing and TV, the 21st Century Group has grown to be the largest financial education resource in Australia.

It was almost 20 years ago that Jamie found himself in an unenviable position. He was completely broke, in debt to the tune of $150,000, had no job prospects and was sleeping on a friend’s couch.

Jamie grew up on a farm in rural New South Wales, Australia and from an early age had dreams of being successful, however he soon discovered that no part of his education had actually taught him the skills he needed to succeed.

15 years ago Jamie McIntyre decided the world needed a modern day ’21st Century’ education to replace the outdated 19th Century education system. A “21st Centuryeducation that was better than school or university and taught by those with a PhD in Results, not just theory. An Education – For Life!

Only 5 years from being almost bankrupt, he had succeeded – Jamie had become a self-made millionaire.

This incredible turnaround can be credited to Jamie’s extensive research and to the knowledge he gained from his somewhat unconventional approach of modeling multi-millionaires, entrepreneurs, investors and success coaches.

Just some of his mentors include Anthony Robbins, world-renowned economist and presidential advisor Paul Zane Pilzer; Leaders such as General Norman Schwarzkopf of Desert Storm; marketing Guru Jay Abrahams and world leading entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson.

After producing such outstanding results in so many areas of his life, Jamie decided to fulfill a promise he made to one of his personal mentors and pass on what he had learnt to others. From this, the 21st Century Education and the 21st Century Group was born.

Today, Jamie McIntyre has reached more than 550,000 people worldwide and helped thousands achieve financial abundance and long-term success.

Nominated for ‘Young Australian of the Year’ in 1999 for his achievements, Jamie is a successful entrepreneur, investor, sought after success coach, internationally renowned speaker and world-leading educator, sharing the stage with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs (such as Sir Richard Branson, Harry Dent, Tim Ferriss, and more).

Jamie McIntyre is also the author of numerous globally applauded publications such as the best-selling booksWhat I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had’ and “Think & Grow Rich For The 21st Century” and is the founder of 21st Century TV, which provides a “21st Centuryeducation and entertainment to over 500,000 subscribers worldwide.

In 2010, Jamie ventured into media interests. He launched the ‘Think and Grow Rich Inc.’ magazine and acquired other magazines such as Wealth Creator, Property Inc. and internationally acknowledged trading magazine ‘Your Trading Edge’.

In 2012 Jamie launched 21st Century News providing Australia with updates on current affairs and candid commentary related to business, finance and politics.

Always a catalyst for change, Jamie McIntyre believes that the current political system is holding our country back and deterring the progress of its people and the potential they can achieve. His first public expression stating that Australia needs a change was through his book 101 Ways to Improve Australia. Since then Jamie has put across his views and opinions through widely read and acknowledged articles on 21st Century News amongst other radio interviews with national and local radio stations across Australia.

Jamie’s passion and belief in the power of media to reach out to people subsequently encouraged him to recently launch 21st Century TV and 21st Century Radio in addition to 21st Century News.

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“The only speaker in Australia that can speak on creating wealth in property, the stock market, business and internet business. Many can specialise in one discipline, but only a true financial master can create wealth from many disciplines.”

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“Jamie McIntyre is one of Australia’s most forward thinking educators and a fantastic teacher!”

Dale Beaumont, Creator of the Secrets Exposed Series




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