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Watch the edited parts Foxtel didn’t show re the controversial Q and A session when Jamie McIntyre spoke at Parliament


Foxtel – A-PAC (Channel 684)

Jamie McIntyre featured in a documentary last week entitled Australia in 2050. Jamie spoke at NSW Parliament House last Wednesday night about his vision for Australia and how he thinks it will evolve by 2050.

Australia in 2050 was broadcast last week on A-PAC (Channel 684). If you missed this on Foxtel, then not to worry, as you can watch the full version of the speech at Parliament on 21st Century Australia’s vision for the nation by 2050. Including the controversial Q and A session where members of the public asked about the future of the US and Australian alliance and about bias media control and agenda of Murdoch press.


Watch the video of Jamie McIntyre, 21st Century Australia Party founder, address an audience of thousands recently on his vision for a 21st Century Australia on Australian Politics

Australian Politics and Jamie McIntyre


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Jamie McIntyre’s presentation on Australia in 2050


Jamie McIntyre on Australian politics analysis of the 2013 Federal Elections

Australian politics Jamie McIntyre


With Labor’s Primary vote slumped to the 30s, it is possible that we may never see a Labor Federal Government for several decades to come, if ever.

Australia has an unhealthy habit of allowing a Coalition Government to restore the economic mess and massive debts run up by Labor Governments, only for Australians to become economically complacent and flirt with the dangerous idea of a Labor Government again and then end up deeply disappointed with the economic mess we all know they will create.

Just think how much the dangerous flirtation with Kevin Rudd in 2007 has cost the country with nearly $300 billion squandered and a $400 billion debt by 2017, before the debt tide can be stopped.

If we had brand new freeways, a gleaming fast train network connecting Melbourne to Brisbane to Cairns, new hospitals and schools and a boosted economy from smart investments and lower taxes then we wouldn’t complain.

Apart from some school halls that were grossly inflated in price and some Pink Batts that caused houses to burn down, this $400 billion hardly includes one single piece of new infrastructure, new roads, new hospitals or schools, let alone a fast train network.

The only valuable piece of infrastructure will be the NBN, which isn’t counted in debt figures as Labor used accounting tricks to keep most of the $42 billion off the books. Even though this infrastructure is needed greatly and I support it, it may cost over $70 billion before it is finished.

The only other success Labor can claim would be the NDIS, however, that’s yet to be paid for and will require borrowed money as will the Gonski Education System.

It has been said before:

“Socialists are good at spending other people’s money”

Yet they lack the skill-set or respect for those that actually have to create the wealth in society to pay for the taxes these misguided career politicians implement whilst detesting wealth creators in society and living off their economic efforts and playing politics of envy.

“Never bite the hand that feeds you” is clearly a saying these broke, ideologically flawed socialists never ponder about.

 (AAP Image/Alan Porritt)

(AAP Image/Alan Porritt)

Thankfully almost 70 per cent of Australians have realised Labor’s failings and were not willing to give them more time.

In fact if it wasn’t for Independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakshott that kept the Gillard-Rudd Government in power since 2010, we wouldn’t have the extra $100 billion or more in debt incurred in the last 3 years from sheer wastage.

No wonder there was a strong backlash against Independents in Windsor’s and Oakshott’s seats that few voters will trust anyone running as an Independent ever again due to their betrayal of their electorates and their nation in 2010.

Even though Tony Abbott is barely more popular then Kevin Rudd, he will lead a more economically sound and stable Government.

Simply because it would be harder to run a more economically destructive or unstable one .

Abbott has won not because he is well liked but because he leads a better team and Rudd and Labor lost as they have zero credibility on economic management and no matter how hard Rudd tried to spin it, people deep down know that the large rising Government debt levels have to be repaid and squandered opportunities shouldn’t be rewarded.

Of course I believe we have available in this country better political talent and better economic policies than both the major parties right now. However, until the two-party duopoly can be changed, a Coalition government is a far better bet as it will see a surge in business and consumer confidence and save many private sector jobs that would have been lost if Rudd was somehow re-elected.

Australian Politics Jamie McIntyre

(AAP Image/David Crosling)

In fact if Rudd was re-elected I would have refused to start or expand any companies in Australia and re-directed my investments overseas where they appreciate entrepreneurs and investment .

The other thing we need is a reform in the Government sector by cutting the red tape and applying a private sector, results driven mentality to poorly performing Government sectors.

We need to end the go-slow, be mediocre, hate your employer and rip them off as much as possible type attitude that has been spread by many dishonest and unethical Union leaders.

This appalling attitude needs to be banished and we know under the past government it was only encouraged. This has effected our productivity and is making us globally uncompetitive.

I would overhaul the education and health system by replacing much of the hierarchy that have failed miserably and bringing in performance-based systems with strict KPIs so that the better teachers, nurses etc get paid more and supported well whereas the poorer quality ones are sent packing.

Therefore, we would be implementing the same rules in the Government sector as we have in the private sector where you get fired if you don’t perform or deliver.

However this change would never have happened under a Labor Government that supports and protects lazy workers and allows unions to push up wages of everyone in the Government regardless of whether they work hard or not thus causing the biggest reason for the high cost of living.

Only those who perform and add value to society deserve pay rises, not those who choose otherwise .

Only then will we witness a marked improvement in health and education services to taxpayers and the community.

Even though Australian voters are very unhappy with the lack of political leadership; with the current system it is almost impossible to attract the best talent into politics or upset the two party duopoly unless you are a mining billionaire and good at attracting a lot of PR-regardless of how eccentric it makes you look .

I think the Labor and Liberals are like the Ansett and Qantas duopoly we used to have in the Airline industry .

We finally had an alternative when a brash, rebellious, deep-pocketed Virgin Founder- Richard Branson put $10 million up to launch Virgin Blue. With some luck and good timing ,Ansett imploded shortly thereafter and now we have Virgin and Qantas as the biggest players along with some niche players like Tiger and Jetstar that are owned by the two major players.

I believe Labor could possibly become the Ansett of Australian Politics because it could simply implode and never be in office again.

That would delight many voters and send chills down the spines of others.

The question is who will be the brash rebellious Virgin of Australian Politics?

Only time will tell whether Palmer United or 21st Century Australia (to be registered within 2 weeks) will be the more long-term option as a party of the future or some other new emerging party can fill the gap.

Certainly Palmer’s success in this election is promising for those desperately seeking an alternative to the Labor-Liberal duopoly.

The question is whether or not he will perform well over the next 3 years or simply add to the political circus in Canberra and implode himself?

Australian politics certainly just became much more interesting thanks to Clive Palmer.

We had a circus in Canberra and now we have a new act joining.

But any change is better then no change .

Only time will tell if Australian voters will consider new alternatives to the Labor-Liberal dynasty.

For now, the Liberal National Coalition is safe.

However the same can’t be said about the Labor Party.

It is in disarray and many of its supporters are flirting with new parties such as Palmer United and many were flirting with 21st Century Australia until it was denied from being on the ballot by an AEC filled with Labor stooges.

Australian Politics Resources From 21st Century Australia

Australian Politics and Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyre 21st Century Australia Party - Policy Document

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“Delivering an abundant, prosperous 21st Century economy, for all Australians to fairly share in the massive wealth our large nation can provide”.

For the last 15 years I have travelled around Australia, both city and country, as an educator and author speaking to Australians and encouraging them to develop a real life modern day 21st Century Education, one I believe that we all need to excel and prosper in today’s rapidly changing world and one we all should have received at school but didn’t. Over 550,000 people from over 17 different countries have been inspired by the teachings of a 21st Century Education and the large majority of them being the most passionate and committed Australians we have. This has enabled me to not only learn a lot about what Australians want, but to gain a tremendous insight into the human potential we all have to do better. I have also learnt what is possible to achieve, when we combine a “directed mind, the right mindset and psychology; access to common sense, intelligent, practical and innovative strategies, modelled from those who have produced results, not just theory” – and how it can transform peoples finances and ultimately their life.

Australian politics Jamie McIntyre
Australian politics Jamie McIntyre

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Australian politics Jamie McIntyre
Australian politics Jamie McIntyre

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