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21 Ways to Improve Australia, by 21st Century Australia Think Tank

21 Ways to Improve Australia

Wouldn’t it be good to have some honest no bullshit leaders in Australia to say it how it is .


Here’s The Advice Arnold Schwarzenegger Gave This Australian Entrepreneur On Entering Politics

Advice given by Arnie


Watch the edited parts Foxtel didn’t show re the controversial Q and A session when Jamie McIntyre spoke at Parliament


Foxtel – A-PAC (Channel 684)

Jamie McIntyre featured in a documentary in 2013 entitled Australia in 2050. Jamie spoke at NSW Parliament House about his vision for Australia and how he thinks it will evolve by 2050.

Australia in 2050 was broadcast last week on A-PAC (Channel 684). If you missed this on Foxtel, then not to worry, as you can watch the full version of the speech at Parliament on 21st Century Australia’s vision for the nation by 2050. Including the controversial Q and A session where members of the public asked about the future of the US and Australian alliance and about bias media control and agenda of Murdoch press.


Watch the video of Jamie McIntyre, 21st Century Australia Party founder, address an audience of thousands recently on his vision for a 21st Century Australia on Australian Politics

Australian Politics and Jamie McIntyre


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Jamie McIntyre’s presentation on Australia in 2050


Australian Politics Resources From 21st Century Australia

Australian Politics and Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyre 21st Century Australia Party - Policy Document

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“Delivering an abundant, prosperous 21st Century economy, for all Australians to fairly share in the massive wealth our large nation can provide”.

For the last 15 years I have travelled around Australia, both city and country, as an educator and author speaking to Australians and encouraging them to develop a real life modern day 21st Century Education, one I believe that we all need to excel and prosper in today’s rapidly changing world and one we all should have received at school but didn’t. Over 550,000 people from over 17 different countries have been inspired by the teachings of a 21st Century Education and the large majority of them being the most passionate and committed Australians we have. This has enabled me to not only learn a lot about what Australians want, but to gain a tremendous insight into the human potential we all have to do better. I have also learnt what is possible to achieve, when we combine a “directed mind, the right mindset and psychology; access to common sense, intelligent, practical and innovative strategies, modelled from those who have produced results, not just theory” – and how it can transform peoples finances and ultimately their life.

Australian politics Jamie McIntyre
Australian politics Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyre Launches the 21st Century Australia Party

Jamie McIntyre shares his 25 Point Plan to deliver a abundant, prosperous 21st Century economy, for all Australians to fairly share in the massive wealth our large nation can provide.

Jamie McIntyre Q&A – 21st Century Australia Party Brisbane Red Carpet Launch 2013

Grace Cobb Interviews Jamie McIntyre on Australian Politics

Australian politics Jamie McIntyre
Australian politics Jamie McIntyre

State of Affairs Episode 7

Is it time for a new 21st Century Political System?

State of Affairs Episode 8

101 Ways to Improve Australia an Interview with author Jamie McIntyre



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